Sorpotal, Sorpatel, Sarpotal, Sarpatel....

What's in a name?  This is a pork delicacy, made by the  Roman Catholics of India. This dish has a definite Portuguese influence (as evidenced by the Pork and Vinegar) and Indian finesse ( as reflected in the Spices). This traditional preparation is made for feasts and celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Weddings and other special occasions. Each community prepares Sorpotal in their own unique way. The ingredient and spice blends have subtle variations that may be unique to a family or community and is often the cause of heated debate.
The only agreement is in the basic ingredients; Pork, Spices and Vinegar.
After that, its open season on who makes the best Sorpotal. 

Sorpotal.  Picture courtesy of  The Bombay East India Company2021
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